DO WHAT YOU DO BEST– let us be best at the rest!

Our nearshore contact center is a cost-effective, solutions-driven facility with one thing in mind: serving your customers. Our entire mission revolves around working for “Kudos” – that figurative pat on the back that means job well done. Every call is treated as a priority, resulting in enhanced customer service, customer retention and loyalty.

We strive for every call to end with “Kudos”


What Makes Centris Different From The Rest?

If you need a Contact Center that can provide a customized solution to meet your needs, then Centris Information Services is your partner. Watch this video to learn more about Centris and how we can serve as your trusted advisor to provide flexible design, implementation, and production. Centris will work with you to find a customer contact solution that meets your company’s specific needs to assist your customers in achieving the best possible experience with your product or service.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Mrs. Joiner-White
    Eduardo saved us a customer today. Mrs. Joiner-White said she would give him more than five stars for being very professional and helping get her issue resolved. She was frustrated with her system not working but now it is back on the road to recovery. Great job, team!

    - Mrs. Joiner-White

  • Mr. Scharffbogino
    Usted es la primera persona que realmente me ayudó y me hizo sentir un poco mejor , con el servicio al cliente es excelente y realmente aprecio eso, ¡Muchas gracias!

    - Mr. Scharffbogino

  • Mr. Lowndes
    Thank you so very much, you have been very sweet. You made the process very simple and very sweet.

    - Mr. Lowndes

  • Miss Stockwell
    Thank you so much, you are very nice and very professional. I really appreciate that because it has been a very difficult three months for me.Gracias tanto , usted es muy agradable y muy profesional . Realmente aprecio eso porque ha sido muy difíciles tres meses por mí.

    - Miss Stockwell

  • Miss Ordoñez
    Liliana has been helpful . I prefer to talk to people who speak Spanish , because I understand more and help me . Agrafesco people working there who speaks Spanish with you and they help me when needed.

    - Miss Ordoñez

  • Mr. Garcia
    Ella era genial conmigo, ella es el mejor representante que he hablado con ya que este proceso se inició , muchas gracias por su servicio !, ella necesita ser reconocido

    - Mr. Garcia

  • Mr. Scott
    I’m very thankful that you assisted me today, you are very kind and helpful, thank you really much sir, this is all that I needed, thank you and thank you again!

    - Mr. Scott

  • Mrs. Jackson
    Muchas gracias , has sido de gran ayuda y le agradezco su actitud apropiada. Tiene un muy buen manierismo por teléfono y usted no consigue mucho. servicio!, ella necesita ser reconocido

    - Mrs. Jackson

  • Mrs. Lara
    Thank you very much Alain, you have been more than helpful, I thought this was going to be more complicated and you made it easy for me, Thank you once again.

    - Mrs. Lara

  • Mrs. Fiechtner
    Muchas gracias por su amabilidad, te lo agradezco! ¿puedo tener su nombre tengo que escribirlo en un papelito y le dirá lo útil que dónde.

    - Mrs. Fiechtner

  • Mr. Rojas
    I’m very grateful for what you have done, you was very professional and I'm very satisfied with the service that you provided me, Thank you so very much!

    - Mr. Rojas

  • Mr. Reis
    Muchas gracias por su ayuda, su servicio es excelente, gracias .

    - Mr. Reis

  • Mrs. Thompson
    I want to say that he made a great job on the call, he have an excellent calm tone from beginning to end, he have a great call flow and control, experience was showed in this call, great job using references on the alternative tools that we have and excellent, excellent, excellent empathy through the call, this is what I call customer care!, Kudos in everything, I’m proud of him.

    - Mrs. Thompson

  • Mr. Gardley
    Realmente quiero darle las gracias porque me has proporcionado el mejor servicio al cliente jamás, y que está haciendo un trabajo excelente, gracias por cuidar de mi tema como si fuera la suya, y como actualmente se le considera el mejor servicio al cliente que habló con ... Gracias de nuevo!

    - Mr. Gardley

  • Mrs. Bryant
    Wow, thank you so much for your help, and really, making this as painless as possible.

    - Mrs. Bryant

  • Mr. Prosper
    Frank hizo un buen trabajo, él es muy paciente y me gustaría recomendarlo. Seguro que es un buen empleado y muy profesional. Él se merece un premio !

    - Mr. Prosper

  • Mrs. Viera
    I do appreciate your time, your effort and all your help, you were wonderful.

    - Mrs. Viera

  • Mrs. Kaur
    Gracias a él soy un cliente Monitronics y voy a recomendar a todos mis amigos.

    - Mrs. Kaur

  • Mr. Shook
    She did an outstanding job and she has been the best customer service rep.

    - Mr. Shook

  • Mr. Pruitt
    Lo hiciste excelente, muy bueno. Realmente lo aprecio. usted es muy cuidadoso, muy agradable, muy agradable en el teléfono

    - Mr. Pruitt

  • Mrs. Findley
    The way you’re explaining it makes sense, I really appreciate it a lot. Thank you! Finally somebody answered my questions.

    - Mrs. Findley

  • Mrs. Slavitter
    Bryan usted acaba de hacer mi día! Es maravilloso, te arreglaste esto, usted es la cuarta persona que había hablado hoy y que ha solucionado el problema, realmente aprecio su servicio hoy! Lo hiciste muy bien!

    - Mrs. Slavitter

  • Mrs. Jones
    I work in customer service and I know what good customer service is let me tell you Franco is by far the best customer service rep.

    - Mrs. Jones

  • Mr. Wilkens
    Sr. Wilkens quería hacernos saber Luis es uno de los mejores empleados que tenemos que ha hablado con. Luis era muy informativo, realmente se hizo cargo de los negocios como un profesional y aprecia tenemos empleados como como él!

    - Mr. Wilkens

  • Mrs. Barth
    I am very happy and Information Service With Me Carlos toast . Press YOU scam me many times and I had never attended to as well as tanning EL did !

    - Mrs. Barth

  • Mrs. Smith
    Hoy Alejandra asistido a uno de nuestros Ajustadores sirviendo como traductor en su nombre. Nuestro Asegurado necesita un documento urgente enviado por fax a él para que pueda presentarlo en la corte. Los Ajustadores E-Fax bajó así que le preguntó si podía ayudarla a Alejandra con conseguir el fax a nuestro Asegurado. Alejandra voluntariamente accedió a ayudar a lo que el Ajustador enviado por correo electrónico Alejandra los documentos. Felicitaciones a usted Alejandra para ir más allá y por preocuparse por nuestros clientes.

    - Mrs. Smith

  • Mrs. Ray
    He was very patient, helpful, and really an excellent rep

    - Mrs. Ray

  • Mr. Wilkins
    While Gerardo was completing an FNOL he noticed that the claim was taken on a Cancelled Flat Policy. He immediately decided to search for any possible InForce Policies. The Policy notes did not list or mention anything regarding a new policy so Gerardo ran a name search and he was able to successfully find an Active/InForce Policy. Gerardo read through the Adjusters notes and discovered that our own Adjuster was already denying coverage for this loss due to Cancelled Policy.

    - Mr. Wilkins

Employee Spotlight

Meet Marcela Valdes,


We are very proud to shine this month’s spotlight on Mrs. Marcela Valdes.

Marcela is very passionate about her job. She is well-spoken and a generous listener. Marcela knows how to effectively connect with others, earning her our Kudos Top Performer recognition.

She was born in Coahuila, North of Mexico, and lived in San Antonio, Texas, where she graduated from high school. Later, she attended a very prestigious college and moved to Europe for a year. Upon returning, Marcela took a job as a bilingual elementary school teacher until six years ago when she joined Centris.

Marcela is happily married and has three wonderful children. Recently, Marcela became a proud grandmother of a beautiful little girl. She strongly believes that positive and negative attitudes take us toward different outcomes, and that it’s up to us to decide which direction to choose.

Besides her passion for family, Marcela also has a passion for cooking. She is convinced good mothers like her have the natural ability to take whatever food is in the pantry and create a delicious, nourishing meal.

Marcela is used to excelling at whatever she does; she was raised that way. Her expectations with Centris are to grow with the company and share her abilities with new generations. We at Centris are very proud to have Marcela as part of our family.