Bilingual Call Center and Contact Center Services

Let us take care of your valuable customers at up to 40%-70% than our US-based competition. less. Looking for a partner for your call/contact/support center services? See if we can help!

Centris Information Services is a nearshore customer contact and call center focusing on bilingual call center and support services.

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Who We Are

A customer contact and call center started by two brothers in Longview, TX. Centris has major operations in Mexico. We’ve been helping our customers for more than 20 years. We’re focused on providing high quality bilingual call and technical support.

What We Do

Centris works with your company to develop a custom solution: From call and contact center services to back-of-house support services like web design and insurance claim processing. We help you reach the ever-expanding Hispanic market with bilingual capability for call and technical support.

How We Help

Centris provides up to a 40-70% savings over US-based call centers … all without sacrificing quality. We’re as close to the U.S. as you can be without being in the United States. Work closely with your team in Mexico: We encourage interaction with agents. They’re part of your team.

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Some of the Services We Offer

Customer Support

Let Centris handle your inbound first-level service calls. Does your technical support staff answer the same repetitive questions over and over? Our highly-trained agents can field questions 24/7.

Inbound Sales

Centris helps capture lead information that helps you get new customers. We develop programs to enhance your customer’s purchasing experience. Centris also offers up-sell and cross-sell programs.

Marketing Surveys

How was your recent stay at our hotel? Was our staff courteous? What can we do better? You need answers, and Centris asks the questions. Customizable to any industry.

Financial Services

Trust Centris with your critical data – We are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) and handle more than 15,000 credit card transactions daily

Tech Support

Centris has the experience and the best practices to proactively support end-users with high service levels and responsiveness. We are PCI and HIPAA compliant.

Insurance Services

We take “first notice of loss” insurance claims. Centris helps insurance companies reduce claim cycles with effective claim intake and fast closure. Our agents are also trained in identifying potentially fraudulent claims.

Live Chat

Offer live chat on your homepage and give our customer’s an unbeatable level of support. Studies show live chatting with another human is the best way to build a rapport and drive sales.

Business Process Outsourcing

Become more flexible by letting us take care of your internal business processes. We handle claims processing, customer service, tech support, web design, data entry, data management, and much more!

Industries We Work With:


If you are in an accident, filing a claim can be stressful. Our agents are trained to walk customers swiftly thought the process.


Healthcare reform is all over the news. With more people than ever using self-help medical services, having good support for your patients is more important than ever.


We all want to protect the people and places that are precious to us. Your customers will feel secure knowing that our highly-trained agents have their backs.


If you have a process that's repeatable and necessary but takes too much of your time, it's time to outsource to Centris.

Employee Spotlight

What’s the first thing that comes to you mind when someone says “IT guy”? We’re sure Julio isn’t what you were thinking. In our family, we are very fortunate to have Julio Castaneda as our unique and awesome “IT guy”. What makes him so special? Julio cares about everyone in our family, including all of our Kudos Specialists, our leadership team, the cleaning lady, and the guy who washes cars in the parking lot.

Julio demonstrates his caring for everyone in everything he does. He takes the time to walk the floor every day asking how everyone is doing and if there is anything he can do for them to help them in their jobs.

Passion and dedication are values he shares with his family. Julio has been happily married since October 2014 and recently become a father for the first time. We have been fortunate to share some of life’s most treasured moments with Julio. Seeing him transform every day with the joy his son Eduardo has brought to his family. “This is a wonderful experience in my life, the best”, says Julio of Eduardo.

Julio believes that in addition to his immediate family, his wife Luz Elena, and his son Eduardo, he also feels he has found a family working at Centris Information Services.

During his free time, Julio is a huge soccer fan and also practices Kung Fu. He looks forward to playing video games with his son Eduardo. What makes Julio successful is his core belief of always doing his best at all he does. We love you, Julio. We appreciate everything you do for our Centris family. Thank you for making us change our expectations of the “IT guy”.

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