Centris Information Services is a nearshore customer contact and call center focusing on bilingual call center and support services.


A customer contact and call center started by two brothers in Longview, TX. Centris has major operations in Mexico. We’ve been helping our customers for more than 20 years. We’re focused on providing high quality bilingual call and technical support.


Centris works with your company to develop a custom solution: From call and contact center services to back-of-house support services like web design and insurance claim processing. We help you reach the ever-expanding Hispanic market with bilingual capability for call and technical support.


Centris provides up to a 40% savings over US-based call centers … all without sacrificing quality. We’re as close to the U.S. as you can be without being in the United States. Work closely with your team in Mexico: We encourage interaction with agents. They’re part of your team.


Some of the services we offer

Understanding your customers

We know your customers are important to you. At Centris, a lot of our agents have either lived in the United States or have been influenced by American culture. That’s something you can’t get from call centers in Asia.

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“Thank you so much! You are very nice and very professional!”
Miss Stockwell
“I really feel like they care about me as a person, and not just me as a client.”
“I’m very thankful you assisted me today. You are very kind and helpful.”
Mr. Scott

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Not sure how Centris can work for your? We work with almost any business size, and can complement the call center you already have. Fill out the form on the right and we’ll get in touch to explain more about how we can help your business.

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Employee Spotlight

What’s the first thing that comes to you mind when someone says “IT guy”? We’re sure Julio isn’t what you were thinking. In our family, we are very fortunate to have Julio Castaneda as our unique and awesome “IT guy”. What makes him so special? Julio cares about everyone in our family, including all of our Kudos Specialists, our leadership team, the cleaning lady, and the guy who washes cars in the parking lot.

Julio demonstrates his caring for everyone in everything he does. He takes the time to walk the floor every day asking how everyone is doing and if there is anything he can do for them to help them in their jobs.

Passion and dedication are values he shares with his family. Julio has been happily married since October 2014 and recently become a father for the first time. We have been fortunate to share some of life’s most treasured moments with Julio. Seeing him transform every day with the joy his son Eduardo has brought to his family. “This is a wonderful experience in my life, the best”, says Julio of Eduardo.

Julio believes that in addition to his immediate family, his wife Luz Elena, and his son Eduardo, he also feels he has found a family working at Centris Information Services.

During his free time, Julio is a huge soccer fan and also practices Kung Fu. He looks forward to playing video games with his son Eduardo. What makes Julio successful is his core belief of always doing his best at all he does. We love you, Julio. We appreciate everything you do for our Centris family. Thank you for making us change our expectations of the “IT guy”.

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